Click to talk Services

Click to talk are online service which help in increasing website conversion rate by removing on hold, call cost and IVR. With the help of live software customers can easily connect with representative with click to talk button. Click to talk service are best to reduce call center cost. This being the reason many small businesses are implementing 247 live answering service on their websites. As setting up a call center is pretty expensive click to talk software can be purchased at affordable price and also you can outsource it’s staffing for 24/7 online availability.

You might be wondering how much you can save by shifting yourself from call center to click to talk software. The answer is it depends. If you are going to purchase a good software it will cost around 200$ and it’s staffing will cost you around 600$ per month.

As customers need quick assistant while purchasing something online implementing click to talk on website can be a good addition to your website.

There are many live chat support services which are offering click to talk services as well. If you are tight on budget you can contact them and can go with one that offer service in affordable price. Click to talk software is also a great help when customer stuck into technical issue. Complexity level of issues can be solved with 247 live operators’ availability.

Click to talk service is getting popular as click-to-call functionality adds a whole new layer of extreme customer experience and thus it makes customers loyal to your brand. Click-to-call software applications can be purchased online from live chat software vendors.

Here are mention some great advantages of click to talk applications

  1. Click to call improve online conversation rate
  2. It helps companies remove on-hold and IVR long menu
  3. It reduce the call center operation cost
  4. It help in reducing call center staffing cost
  5. Customers prefer click to call over telephone support
  6. Click to talk is easy way for potential customer to get queries answered
  7. It’s great tool for multi tasking
  8. 30% to 40% sales can be increase with good click to call strategy.
  9. No busy signals
  10. Customer retention rate can be increased

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