Live Chat Staff for Universities

Every year students from around the world apply for top universities in UK, Canada and US. Most of the students have question that they want to ask from university representative before applying in a university. Website live chat is becoming an essential tool for every university website. Students can easily get their question answered through live chat function university website.
Universities are well aware of the fact that international students search for course information, teacher’s qualification and degree program offers online through university website. If you don’t have that information available on your website potential students will not enroll in your university.

In education sector very few university are working on their website to gain more student enrollment and which act as an opportunity for university that will consider embedding live chat on website to offer information. User experience play important role to know the credibility of website. International students can’t visit university so the best place from where they can get information is university website. If you don’t have live chat staff to offer information about fees, admission criteria and facilities available they will surely turn to other university and that can dent your university student enrollment seriously.
Another reason live chat support work well than telephonic support on university website is the fact that time zones are change in every country so 8 hours a day telephonic support leaving you 16 hours unanswered question. To make things effective you can outsource 247 live chat to professional live chat company.  Having a experience live chat staff on university website assure better students enrollment.

Adding live chat on a university website can help student get information 24/7 from representative. Your live chat operators need to available 247 because you just can’t let potential student leave website without getting questions answered. Student need quick information from universities because they have other task like document they need to organize for applying in university and it’s a time consuming process.

Providing consultancy through live chat guarantee increase in student enrollments provided your live chat team has enough knowledge to satisfy students with their answers. Students also want to know about the scholarship program that your university is offering you may not keep your admission office online 247 but your representative can be available on website 247 through live chat.
Its take two week to train live chat agents with the knowledge-base so if you are outsourcing live chat train your staff before going live on your website.

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