Should Lawyers Use Live Chat?

In the run to be the best business and services provider one’s customer service needs to be undoubtedly top-notch and live chat aims to serve the same purpose. The software for live chat is installed on your website and is operated by trained customer service staffs on the other end. In this fast paced world nobody has time to wait for your response in email or to reach out to you on call. It’s live chat that’s quick and occurs in real time that is recently it has almost become a necessity for many ecommerce and services websites to have.

Live chat services are normally operated by trained Live Chat Agents

who respond to visitors with prepared scripts. Some live chat services are also staffed by dedicated members of another firm (outsourced firm).

Live chat has also grown popular among websites offering legal services. Here are some top benefits that live chat will provide to your law firm:

  1. A Good First Impression

It is true for any business, delay in response time and you lose the client. The prospective clients of a law firm need legal advice and most of the times, immediately. You cannot risk losing every other client because you could not catch up with the emails. This also helps build a reliable image in their eyes, which is a good first impression to begin with.

  1. Improve ROI

All that traffic to your law firm’s website is useless if you are not converting it into inquirers. According to a research conducted by Forrester Research, 44% of consumers on the internet seek live help from websites. When they get in touch with a live chat operator, the company can collect their contact information and catch up with offers and other news. Also once they are served with quick customer service chances are high they will become your customer.

  1. Your Law Firm Stands Out

If you want your law firm to keep attracting clients you need to stand out from the rest, you cannot blend in the crowd and do whatever everyone else is doing. Live chat offers that distinction to your law firm and the website. Businesses live or die depending on how good or bad their customer service is so you must take it seriously. Potential clients coming to a law firm are in need of immediate response most of the times and you can differentiate your law firm by providing them with that.


Live chat service reduces your website bounce rate, improves conversion rate and leave your customers satisfied.

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