Top 5 Best Video Conferencing Services

Audio chat is great but at times you need to have the video feature as well and video conferencing software are a great way to get connected with colleagues, friends, family, business partners and clients regardless of their location as long as they have an internet connection

Here we will mention 5 of the best video conferencing software for live chat operators companies that offer a wide variety of features that are free as well as available to purchase for premium members. Let’s have a look in detail:

Skype for Business

This software has all the features you enjoy in your regular Skype but upgraded for businesses to use. It is available to download for Windows, MAC, iOS and Android and supports MS Office, Outlook integration for meetings. It also records your meetings for you through video and audio capture, screen sharing. It also offers a digital whiteboard for you to conduct digital meetings with your team. These features makes it an ideal web conferencing software for any business.


This software is a browser-based video conferencing tool which is available to download on Windows, MAC, Linux, iOS and Android. It also supports MS Office; you can use it to create your Office documents while on the go. You can schedule your meetings with it and record them as well. It supports Outlook and Google Calendar which allows you to keep a track of meetings. LyteSpart software is widely used in corporate business meetings.


This software comes in a free version and can be upgraded to higher versions as your need expands. The free version allows you to video chat with two people and can get pricey when you need to add multiple users. The software quality is really good. It is also available to download for Windows, MAC, iOS and Android and supports MS Office. You can record your meetings, screen-share with attendees and share content with everyone as well.


This is rather cool video conferencing software that allows you to hand over the controls to one of the attendees. The software is available to download for Windows and MAC and is targeted at SMBs. Almost every corporate business use gotomeeting for webinars. It has made video and audio recording easier with a single click and offers whiteboard features to make meetings more efficient with their One Plus version. It has the ability to Pause your sharing. This feature will freeze the image currently on the screen and continue to show that image. With this online service, you can hold meetings using traditional toll or toll-free networks, call-in and call-out services, and VoIP. You can also hire live chat agents to handle webinars. It is consider as the best webinar software.

This software has all the features one may need in a video conferencing tool to make their meetings smooth and secure. It is available to download for Windows, MAC, iOS and Android and supports, like other video conferencing software, MS Office. You can schedule your meetings using Google Calendar, Outlook or Office 365 and record meetings when you upgrade to a pro/business version.

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