After-Hours Chat? What Worked for Auto Dealer

It’s end of an office hours say it’s 8:00 p.m many people will reach home and start browsing car dealers online if they are looking to buy a car. In that case do you think it’s wise to close your dealership and go home. Although you many not be able to keep your dealership open 24/7 because it will cost you much higher. You can keep your dealership website open 24*7 by hiring 24*7 live chat agents There will be many customers that can set a service appointment through your website. You can afford if your dealership staff to go home if you have trained live chat staff available on your website. Are your live chat operators trained to answer all dealership related questions?

That’s a common challenge, one thing is for sure you need to train you live chat agents before having them going live on your website. Most of the time you can trained your live chat agents in 1 to 2 weeks. There are many car dealers solving this problem right way just live frank robert, who has hired a best team of live chat operators through Live chat agents service.

Q: Are you interested in setting up automotive chat operators for after business hours?

Frank: After several years of ignoring live chat on my website one day I have decided to staff my website with live chat agents! on our main site, we saw instant increase in our website. I felt if I had used live chat staff service on my website several years ago, including after-hours support. My business might have been double in size today. I would like to say that It’s just a great service and every car dealer interested to increase website conversion rate must have to use it.

Q: Did you even switch live chat operators provider?

Frank: Nope, I never had issue with the service of 247Live operators I have my dedicated trained live chat operators so I can’t afford to switch to other providers because you know the experience these live chat operators has on my site has made them the most reliable team to staff on my website! (P.S I have starting live chat agents service 10 years back) I have my provider offering: after-hours managed chat that is what I always wanted .

To put it nicely, that product just work for us live WOW .

The chat company’s answering agents took all the chats but, the good thing is we do not miss important chats and that too increase client satisfaction in our service

I learned that my dedicated live chat staff could do exactly what I wanted to close more deals for myself— help us connect with customers we are not available around.

Q: You switched from after hour live support to 24/7 live chat agents why?

Frank: As I told you we’ve been using live chat staffing on my website form last 10 years! Last year I decided to change my service from only after hours support to 24/7 live chat support and that’s only because our business is growing our live chat staff is experience enough to book several appointments everyday now and I am happy with services. The difference is amazing.

From my experience I can say any dealer can notice increase in customer satisfaction by having live operators on team.

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